From desert retreats to dazzling city ballrooms and beachside havens, the UAE has something for every couple.

Hotel Selection & Unique Venues

Most important part of celebrations is to find out a perfect hotel, a perfect venue keeping in mind the small detailing and requirements of handling a wedding.
UAE has plenty of unique venues which are used for various functions of wedding – these can be special theme based like Beach venues / Venues with iconic backdrop / Desert Venues / Luxury yachts and many more options. Idea is to create something unforgettable and it saves a lot of cost as well as theme is already built in.

We can help you out to create a memorable experience by getting most suitable options as per your requirements.

Hospitality Desk

The Hospitality Desk is set up as a center of information. A well organized and efficient hospitality Desk is key to any successful event, meeting or incentive program. It’s critical that your desk is properly equipped, and that the staff is well trained and knowledgeable. Arrangements are provided as per the necessity of the clients. The Hospitality Desk often serves as an attendee’s first and longest-lasting impression of a meeting. So, make sure you take good care of it. Our services include high-quality hospitality desk, feel free to contact us if you need the help of our expertise.

Decoration & Wedding Hampers

A wedding is a special celebration and hence every aspect of a wedding is considered important, including wedding decorations. Wedding Decoration is one of the most important choices that you’ll have to make. Whether it is a simple décor or an extravagant affair, a wedding decoration is a must to set the tone for the occasion. The goal here is to create a dreamy scene that will matches with your style and preferences.

There’s nothing sweeter than welcoming your guests to your wedding with a warm hug and a hamper. It’s just a way of saying thank you to your guests who made it for your big celebration. While everyone is often confused what to include, not include, how big/ expensive this should be, we are here to help you out on this.

Functions & Entertainment

Whether you're organizing a corporate event, an awards show, wedding or a private party, we have solution for all your requirement. We can provide wedding dance performers, dance entertainers, exclusively for your event

Logistics & Transportation

Leave it to our experienced Logistics Coordinators to draw out a plan for all your guests transportation and airport transfers. With the best fleet of luxury cars and buses to our disposal, we ensure that your guests’ comfort is taken care of, right from the moment they step into the city for your destination wedding. Our highly qualified team member respond quickly to all your travel requirements and advise you the aspects of our service. Our vehicles are fitted with latest GPS tracking.

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